I know this because all of my programmes receive evaluations.

On a scale of 1–5, where 5 is best, the 450 most recent participants on my Personal Efficiency course gave me an average rating of 4.93. Look here:


QuestionsNo. of answersFully agreePartly agree
Im satisfied with what I gained from the course4554.965.00
I feel that the instruction was well organised4554.884.92
I will start using the new tools and methods4554.924,96
I will recommend the course to a friend or colleague4554.965.00
I feel that the instructor was good at explaining the tools and methods4554.965.00
The course lived up to my expectations4554.924.96

My customer base includes

Ålboirg kommune anbefaler Michael Thygesen fra Work Efficiently

Ålboirg kommune anbefaler Michael Thygesen fra Work Efficiently

The combination of Michael's systems with my own efforts has meant that I now have control of not only my tasks but also emails and calendars. I have got a good overview and I handle more tasks than before, but now I also know which ones I do not solve. Both give me more peace of mind. In addition, we have also gained much more control over the department's cross-cutting projects.

Anders Melamies,
Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune

“The course in personal efficiency is a regular part of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs' common course catalog. We get really nice feedback from the course participants. Among other things an employee wrote: “The course has, for example, shown me how I can put my tasks and time into a system. It has been a great help in my daily life and has created more calm in my head. Everybody in my department has participated in the course. ”

Jytte Lind,
HR Consultant,
Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

“We have used Michael Thygesen for many years to teach in Outlook / Personal Efficiency. Michael is a skilled teacher who creates results and great value for the participants. In addition, Michael is very flexible and easy to work with. I give Michael my warmest recommendation.”

Ålboirg kommune anbefaler Michael Thygesen fra Work EfficientlyMaria Flindt,
HR development consultant,
Family and Employment Administration in Aalborg municipality

"I have a lot of irons in the fire, and so do my employees. Michael’s course helped me gain a better overview and taught me how to prioritise so that I could free up the time I need for my management role. I hired Michael for my own management team and a selection of employees working on a variety of development tasks. We’ve all benefited greatly from the tools."

Sidsel Kjær Scheibel,
Director of Market & Digital Development,
CA Career Development & Unemployment Insurance

"Michael Thygesen has conducted several courses for our employees at BNP Pariba Factor. As Nordic HR Manager, it’s extremely important for me to be sure that the employees have the right tools, that they use them to best advantage, and that they are able to keep their eye on the ball and not become stressed by a chaotic inbox. I was pleasantly surprised to realise that Outlook can provide such an excellent overview and ensure that my inbox remains at a sensible level. Michael’s approach to teaching – combining theory and team sessions with one-on-one advice at your own computer – is an educational stroke of genius. Michael is both professional and very direct, so you learn a lot on the course and there’s good follow-up afterwards.

I followed up the programme with a one-on-one online course with Michael, which was a very positive experience. I’m happy to give Michael Thygesen my very best recommendation."

Anne Rohde,
HR Manager,

‘We’ve been hiring Michael Thygesen to teach our employees personal efficiency since 2017. Evaluations of his programmes have always been very positive, and everyone has been highly satisfied with the collaboration and the results Michael has achieved.

I can therefore highly recommend Michael."

Dorthe Ulriksen,
Senior HR partner,
responsible for Bravida School, Denmark

"At the Furesø Citizens’ Advice and Contact Centre, we’ve benefited greatly from Michael’s services and his fantastic approach to gaining control and improving efficiency. He helped us all understand how important it is to have structure and to make time for planning. As a manager, it’s a completely new feeling to go home at the end of the day with an empty inbox, and it’s not because I have less to do, I just work more efficiently now."

Marianne Riis Søborg,
Head of Citizens’ Advice and Contact Centre,
Furesø Municipality

“We have enjoyed Michael's courses for several years. Always good cooperation and with great value for our employees. Even through the corona crisis, Michael has managed to maintain the high level of quality.”

Nina Toft,
Learning Consultant HR Development,

“In the Stryhns Group, we have with great satisfaction used Michael to teach our employees and managers in personal efficiency. We experience very positive feedback from the participants after they have been on the course, where they have gained a greater understanding of Outlook and concrete tools to be able to work with efficiency.

I give Michael my warmest recommendation.”

Cecilia Lodberg Christiansen,
HR Consultant,
Stryhns Gruppen

“For several years, Dansk Return System has sent managers and employees on courses in personal efficiency, with great success.

The employees who come from the courses, tell us about the good tools they have brought with them, so there is less stress in their everyday life, and more mental surplus.

Trough good stories from those who have been on the course, there is always a waiting list for the next course, it must be called a pretty nice success.

We highly recommend Michael, who is a very inspiring and skilled teacher.”

Helle Psilander,
HR Director,
Danish Return System

“In recent years, we have used Michael Thygesen as a course provider of in-house personal efficiency courses.

Michael has always delivered super courses. He is a skilled, competent and structured teacher who with great patience, smiles and flexibility has helped our employees to better plan their time and to work more efficiently. Always as agreed and always with positive evaluations from the participants. I can only give Michael my best recommendations.”

Vibeke Møller,
Learning Specialist,
Beumer Group A/S.

"As a head teacher, you have to keep a lot of plates spinning, and you work with a lot of different people throughout a working week. You need overview, structure and good systems to be fully prepared and present at all your meetings.

My collaboration with Michael turned my working life upside down.

It hadn’t occurred to me before how many different systems I was using to keep track of tasks and appointments. Michael taught me to use Outlook in a completely different way.

He helped me set up the systems, standardise work processes and create a structure to give me an overview of my daily tasks. I now feel I’m always ahead of the curve and ready for anything that may come my way.

Michael is an extremely considerate, attentive and knowledgeable mentor, which is why I’ve also used him to help the rest of the school’s management team and our administration learn to use Outlook in a way that frees up time and gives them more energy during the working week.

I would recommend anyone using Outlook as their primary system to book a session with Michael!"

Maria Bælum Mauria,
Head Teacher at Kalvebod Fælled Skole,
City of Copenhagen