ONE-ON-ONE Management training

Many managers are busy - really busy. My guess is that you are too. There are many meetings, many interruptions, many emails and you may not feel there are enough hours in the day for all what you have to do. You probably also have a strategy plan that must be implemented and specific projects you participate in and which also must be handled.

In addition, you also have your most important resource - your employees, for whom you also want to be visible and accessible.

This course is an individual course and is aimed at you who are a manager and would like to increase your personal efficiency as well as your meeting efficiency.

The training is structured with a start-up meeting of four hours duration, where we together set the goals for your course and you get started working in a new and more efficient way.

I will teach you to get a really good overview of all your many tasks and all the many things you need to follow up on so you will not forget anything. I will simply teach you to gather all your many tasks in one place, Which gives you a good overview and better planning and prioritization.

In addition, I will also challenge you on your meeting efficiency and your agendas on the meetings where you are the meeting facilitator. You will get some very specific tools for your 1-1 meetings, so your employees will experience that all agreements are followed up.

I want to make you an even better meeting facilitator, where you have complete control over what needs to be done before, during and after the meeting.

If you have a specific strategy you need to implement, I will also help you get it structured in a way which ensure that you meet your deadlines and a good and effective implementation of this.

In connection with the course, there are five individual personal follow-up meetings. Here I will follow up on the actions we have agreed on until we have met the specific goals that we set at the beginning of the process.

After the course, you will have achieved the goals we have set for you together at the beginning of the course.

The management training course is for you who:

  • Want to lift your personal efficiency and improve your meeting efficiency.
  • Have better 1-1 meetings with your employees.
  • Prefer a one-on-one programme, focusing exclusively on your own tasks.
  • Want to take a shortcut to your KPIs.

What you gain

Why I am the right instructor

Michael Thygesen
Michael Thygesen

In 2013, after working in management throughout my entire career, I decided to specialize in using Outlook to improve efficiency. I wish I had known of the program’s potential earlier. I could have used the Outlook tools to create even better results in the companies where I worked.

Since 2013, I have concentrated exclusively on using Outlook to boost efficiency and improve meeting facilitation. Therefore, if you want to take a shortcut to better results, my efficiency programme based on Outlook is an obvious investment.

Investment DKK 15.000,00 per participant without VAT

If you would like more details about the program you are welcome to call me on +45 5250 5490, or send an email.

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