Course Personal Efficiency

This course on personal efficiency is ideal if you want to work efficiently and the following statements ring a bell:

  • You register your tasks and projects in several different places: Excel spreadsheets, online programmes, to-do lists on paper, minutes of meetings, Post-its, OneNote – even in your head. On a good day, you think you can manage it all – no problem.
  • You wonder why you need to check your tasks so many times, and why they take so long.
  • You might flag your most important emails or mark them as unread, so that you remember to return to them later.
  • Although you try to keep track of both emails and tasks, some slip through the cracks. As a result, you find you are not quite as prepared for meetings as you would like to be, or you forget tasks once in a while.

Does this sound like your workday?

Then, you can certainly save several hours a week by attending our efficiency course. It has already saved many past participants lots of wasted time a day.

I know, it sounds crazy. But every time you allow yourself to be interrupted, it takes five to seven minutes to get back to the task at hand. That means if you are interrupted ten times a day, you will have wasted an entire hour. Every day. This ends up being very costly in working hours, with little to show for the expense.

Interruptions aside, bad planning is usually the main reason why ambitious people have trouble working as efficiently as they could. But it doesn’t need to be that way. You can make an even more indispensable and effective contribution to the projects you work on by introducing simple, personal planning and specific tools. For example, you can plan your availability so that you are not interrupted and can focus fully on your work.

One of the main problems is that your inbox takes up such a large part of your working day – and is a major source of interruption. However, it is also the key to the solution. When you take control of your inbox, you take control of the interruptions.

On our Personal Efficiency course, you learn how to use Outlook to manage your day and plan your tasks.

Apart from the fact that Outlook is one of the most commonly used email systems, the program contains a range of other functions that are every bit as useful. Once you learn to use it fully, all of your tasks will be collected in one location and you will be able to integrate tasks, emails and calendar. In other words, you will work more efficiently, have a better overview of your tasks and benefit more from your Outlook.

What you gain

After a while, if you follow my instructions and methods, you will notice many benefits:

Our Personal Efficiency course includes follow-up

To ensure successful anchoring and implementation of your new habits, the programme includes two personal follow-up meetings. At these meetings, we work on specific actions you learned on the course to make sure that they are well implemented in your workday. The two meetings are scheduled for four and eight weeks after the course. This is to ensure that your habit change is well ingrained.

We focus on what adds most value for you, and you will receive personal feedback from me after each training session, with tips for what you should work on to ensure that the tools are well implemented.

The entire programme therefore lasts about three months.

Programme agenda

This section explains how the programme is structured





Implementation of the new habits







2-3 weeks

3-4 weeks

1 month

You start the programme on the day of the course. We then follow up until you have achieved your goal and your new habits are well ingrained. Instructions during the course will be very hands-on and will include practical exercises and specific implementation. On the course, you work with your own emails and tasks and make a good start on implementing new habits. After the course, I will send you an action plan with tips on what you should work on up to the first personal follow-up meeting.

I teach both face-to-face and online, and I evaluate all of my programmes to ensure the quality of my services.

Who is the instructor on the Personal Efficiency course?

Michael Thygesen
Michael Thygesen

I am: Michael Thygesen, owner of Work Efficiently.

I have a background as a manager and director in numerous organisations, including Lån & Spar Bank, Debitel, Telenor A/S, Eniro and Hartmanns A/S, and I have worked with project planning, optimisation and efficiency improvement throughout my career. I am familiar with the day-to-day operations and procedures in Danish companies, and I have, of course, planned the course based on this.

I have focused primarily on using Outlook to improve efficiency since 2013, and I now know that my results in my former positions could have been even better if I had been aware of the potential of Outlook at that time.

My clients include the Municipality of Aalborg, HOFOR A/S, Beumer Group A/S, Carnegie Investment Bank, Bravida A/S, CA Career Development & Unemployment Insurance, Dansk Retur System and Stryhns Gruppen.

Book an efficiency course NOW

The course on improving personal efficiency can be held at your premises, solely for the employees of your company.

Number of participants: Up to 12. However, the number of participants on online courses is limited to eight.

A courseday incl. 2 individual follow-up sessions (30 min.): DKK 3.500,00 per. participant.  

The investment is without TAX.

If you have questions or would like to book a course immediately, call me on 52 50 54 90, or send an email to

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