Work Efficiently is owned and run by me, Michael Thygesen.

I established my business in the middle of my career, which means that it is based on many years’ experience of senior management in large, reputable companies. I also draw on my expertise in meeting facilitation meeting facilitation and using the tools in Outlook to improve efficiency.

Firstly, my experience:

I hold a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School and have worked as a manager and director in a number of companies, including Hartmanns A/S, Eniro A/S, Telenor A/S, Debitel, Lån & Spar Bank and BRFkredit A/S.

I have a flair for numbers, sales and efficiency, and therefore it was to my advantage that part of my salary was paid as a performance bonus. Here are some of the results I am most proud of:

  • I have built my own company with a solid customer base and taught approx. 5,000 people.
  • During my two years as sales director at Hartmanns A/S, our customer base grew by almost 50%.
  • Eniro A/S’ bottom line increased by DKK 30 million after I had worked for the company for one year as division director.
  • The sales rate at Telenor A/S rose from 5% to 40% when I built up an inbound sales department in my role as customer service director. Complaints also fell by 20%.

In addition, I halved the cases of sick leave at both Telenor A/S and Debitel.

Since 2013, I have run courses on personal efficiency for many thousands of employees and managers, in many different companies, both in Denmark and abroad. The evaluations submitted by my course participants are always extremely positive.

After taking one of my courses, you will notice a considerable improvement in your personal efficiency.

I use simple and easily applicable methods to change your working habits, to give you more time and energy in your hectic and busy workday. The focus is on implementing these tools in your working day to create value for you.

I do not walk around with a stopwatch, and I am always available to anyone who has attended one of my courses if they have questions or need help setting up Outlook.

My full CV is available on LinkedIn.

Work Efficiently’s five focus areas are

Five easy-to-understand products. And being easy to understand is a key parameter when it comes to efficiency and results. 

My clients include the Municipality of Aalborg, HOFOR A/S, Beumer Group A/S, Carnegie Investment Bank, Bravida A/S, CA Career Development & Unemployment Insurance, Dansk Retur System and Stryhns Gruppen.

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